about crave

Crave the beginning, the journey and never the end


Many years ago newly married couple, all the drive, ambitions and the confidence of making it all happen. What they found was that back then they were so naïve and out of experience.


Much struggles and cries but definitely more joy and laughs and the family grew by plus two. The urge to succeed has always persisted.


The couple were the  interior designer; she is full of life, creativity and imagination and the bald accountant (that’s what our son calls me) meticulous, detailed and want it all now.


I guess the combination was all too similar in different looks and ways but all with the same goal “take pride in whatever you do, do it perfectly and in the best way ever”.

Food was not on the list of achievements for the creative one but it was an enjoyment, it grew into an event then a passion.

What follows was lots of her experimenting on the whole family and those who were fortunate to come along, off course all pleasant experiences (and that is what I have to say).

Lots of criticisms by him resulted in him being in the dog’s house or on the couch, but let me be honest she always knew better and that’s not just when it came to the food.

The outcome was Crave, that’s where and who we are.

Food and all that comes with it made and shared with love.


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